LVC September 2013 Meeting

September 23-27, 2013, Hannover

Social Event

Instructions for LVC Social Evening treasure hunt

  • Please form yourselves into teams of roughly five or six members.
  • It might well be an advantage to have people from different backgrounds in your team, so please consider diversity when forming your teams.
  • Please register your team with the organisers to receive your list of clues.
  • Each clue indicates a location somewhere inside the hotel.
  • You will not need to leave the hotel. You will not need to enter any private or hotel staff areas. Please try not to disturb the hotel staff or other hotel guests.
  • At each location indicated by the clues, you will see a single letter of the alphabet. Write down the letter on your clue sheet next to the clue, but do not remove the letter from the location.
  • Some clues are easier than others.
  • Beware that some locations around the hotel contain fake letters that are not correct.
  • Once finished with the clues, please submit your clue sheets with the letter solutions written next to the clues and a team name written at the top.
  • The winning team will be the team that submits the most correct letters by 21:00.
  • If two or more teams are tied, then the winning team will be the one that first explains the meaning of the numbers at the bottom of the clue sheet. You should work concurrently on this puzzle with the other clues and can submit the solution at any time.
  • You may use a computer, internet or a smart phone to help solve the clues.


Judges' (that is us) decisions are final.