LVC September 2013 Meeting

September 23-27, 2013, Hannover

LSC-Virgo Meeting September 2013

In September 2013 the LSC-Virgo meeting will be hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert-Einstein-Institute). It will take place at the Dormero hotel in Hannover, Germany.

September 23rd and 24th are reserved for f2f meetings while the main meeting will take place September 25th - 27th.

The meeting program is hosted on the LVC wiki.

Committee team:

Carsten Aulbert
Henning Fehrmann (chair)
Marco Gajardo
Benjamin Knispel
Heidi Kruppa
Konrad Mors
Kasem Mossavi
Alex Nielsen
Karin Salatti-Tara
Babett Schöppe
Ramona Wittwer