LVC September 2013 Meeting

September 23-27, 2013, Hannover


The full meeting schedule is available from the UWM wiki (password needed to acces this). Additionally, there will be a social event and lab/cluster tours on Wednesday evening, and a tour to GEO600 on Thursday.

Meetings will take place in following rooms:

Monday, June 7

Burst:             Room Gera I

CW:                Room Gera II

Inspiral:          Room Gera III

Tuesday, June 8

Burst:             Room Gera I

CW:                Room Gera II

Inspiral:          Room Gera III

Stochastic:      Room Duve


Wednesday, June 9

Plenary            Room Gera I/II/III


Thursday, June 10

Plenary             Room Gera I/II/III

Conference secretariat / Registration in room Erfurt