LVC September 2013 Meeting

September 23-27, 2013, Hannover

Hannover's Places

Places to visit in Hannover

Travel and walking times are from Dormero Hotel approx walking time. Note building numbers come after the street name, "strasse: means street, times are using 24 hour clock


Here is a map with marks on all in the following listed places.



  • Ständige Vertretung, Friedrichswall 10, 5 mins walk
  • Bavarium, Windmühlenstraße 6, Mitte, 15 mins walk, nearest tram Kröpcke
  • Brauhaus Ernst August, Schmiedestraße 13, Mitte, 20 mins walk, nearest tram Steintor
  • Paulaner Bayerische Botschaft, Prinzenstraße 1, 15 mins walk, nearest tram Thielenplatz
  • Markthalle, Karmarschstraße 49, many small indoor food stalls, 15 mins walk, nearest tram Markthalle
  • Högers 1910, Oesterleystraße 6-7, 5 minutes walk


  • Koh-I-Noor, Hildesheimer Str. 85, Indian, 5 mins walk
  • Ichiban, Friedrichswall 10, Japanese, 10 mins walk
  • Phuket, Stadtstraße 2, Thai, 15 mins walk, nearest tram Marienstrasse
  • Choi's, Schubertstraße 1, Korean, nearest tram Sedanstrasse
  • Nanking, Escherstraße 2A, Chinese, nearest tram Steintor
  • Taj Mahal, Hinüberstraße 21, Indian, nearest tram Thielenplatz


  • L'Osteria, Lavesstraße 1, Italian pizza, nearest tram Thielenplatz
  • Besitos, Goseriede 4, Spanish tapas and cocktails, nearest tram Steintor
  • Loretta's, Culemannstraße 14, 15 mins walk
  • Vapiano, Heiligerstraße 3, nearest tram Kröpcke
  • Clichy, Weißekreuzstraße 31, French, nearest tram Sedanstrasse
  • Ouzeri, Hildesheimer Straße 335-337, Greek, nearest tram Bothmerstrasse
  • Marani, Engelbosteler Damm 3, Georgian, nearest tram Christuskirche
  • Yakamoz, Goethestraße 5, Turkish restaurant


  • Block House, Hildesheimer Straße 9, steak, 5 mins walk
  • Bolero, Nikolaistraße 3, Steintor
  • Henry's, Georgstraße 50, 15 mins walk
  • Jim Block, Georgstraße 35, burgers, 20 mins walk nearest tram Kröpcke
  • Piccoli's Roadhouse, Nikolaistraße 2-4, nearest tram Steintor


  • Oscar's, Georgstraße 54, 15 mins walk
  • Dublin Inn, Am Markte 13, 20 mins walk nearest tram Markthalle/Landtag
  • Havana, Scholvinstraße, nearest tram Steintor
  • Chicago Musik Club, Herrenstraße 15, nearest tram Steintor
  • Downtown, Prinzenstraße 8, karaoke, 15 mins walk, nearest tram Thielenplatz
  • Philharmonie Bar, Theodor-Lessing-Platz 1, 15 mins walk, opposite Neues Rathaus


  • Limmerstrasse, Schwarzer Bär, Linden
  • Lister Meile, List
  • Kramerstrasse, Altstadt, Mitte


  • Piccoli's Roadhouse, Nikolaistraße 2-4, pool tables, nearest tram Steintor
  • Marlene Jazz Club, Prinzenstrasse 10, Jazzsession Tues 24th, 10 mins walk, nearest tram Thielenplatz
  • Kulturzentrum Faust, Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3, live music, nearest tram Leinaustrasse
  • Cafe Glocksee, Glockseestraße 35, live music, nearest tram Glocksee
  • Opera; Opernplatz, Giuseppe Verdi Maskenball 21st and 24th Sep; Operplatz, 10 min walk, nearest tram Kröpcke
  • Aspria Spa and Fitness Center; Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer 83, at southern end of Maschsee, 30 mins walk, nearest tram Döhrener Turm
  • Bertha-von-Suttner Platz as large children's playground
  • Art galleries: Sprengel (north end of Maschsee, 10 mins), Museum August Kestner (next to Neues Rathaus, 15 mins walk) kestnergesellschaft (25 mins walk, nearest tram Steintor), Wilhelm Busch (nearest tram Schneiderberg/Wilhelm Busch Museum)
  • Schauspiel Hannover, plays in German including Kafka's Metamorphosis 26th and Chekhov's Three Sisters 28th and 29th, various venues across town
  • CinemaXX, films in English, Pompeii from British Museum and One Direction:This is Us, Raschplatz 6, 25 mins walk, nearest tram Hauptbahnhof
  • Spielbank, Casino, Rundestraße, nearest tram Hauptbahnhof
  • Hannover Oktoberfest - beer and rides, opens Friday 27th Sept, Schuetzenplatz, 20 mins walk, nearest tram Waterlooplatz
  • Historical Museum Hannover (Historisches Museum Hannover), Pferdestrasse 6, 20 mins walk, nearest tram markthalle/Landtag, free entrance on Friday
  • State Museum of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen Landesmuseum), Willy-Brandt-Allee 5, 10 mins walk, free on Friday afternoon 14-17
  • Bayern München vs Hannover 96 (in Munich, European champions against local Hannover team) Wed 25 20:30, will likely be screened in many bars across town
  • Zoo, Eilenriede, nearest tram Zoo
  • SeaLife, Herrenhäuser Straße 4A, nearest tram Herrenhäuser Gärten
  • City library, Hildesheimerstraße 12, 2 mins walk, free entrance


  • Maschsee - large tree-lined lake, jogging paths, 10 mins
  • Altstadt (Old Town), Leibniz Haus, Marktkirche, Altes Rathaus, 20 mins walk, nearest tram Markthalle/Landtag
  • Herrenhäuser Gärten, royal gardens, nearest tram Herrenhäuser Gärten, museum until 18:00, gardens until 19:00, International Fireworks Competition 21st Sept.
  • Neues Rathaus, Trammplatz 2, 10 mins walk, historical city diaoramas, climb the tower until 18:30
  • Aegidientorkirche, roofless church peace memorial, Aegidienkirchhof, 10 mins walk, entrance free
  • Red tourist route around city centre
  • Marienburg, castle seat of Royal Dynasty of Hannover, tours, 20km south of Hannover, train to Nordstemmen
  • Harz National Park; highest mountain in Northern Germany, Goslar town centre is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, 1 hour by train, a group of five can travel return for 38 euros on a Nidersachsen ticket


  • Georgstrasse, Kurt Schumacher Strasse and surrounding areas, department stores Galeria, Kaufhof, Peek and Cloppenburg, Ernst August Gallerie etc. until 20:00 weekdays and Saturdays. CLOSED SUNDAY
  • Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof) open on Sunday including supermarket
  • Chemist/Drugstore, Hölty Apotheke and Stern Apotheke, both on Hildesheimer Strasse